Friday, January 29, 2016

Hi I'm Barbie!

My recent news feed has been flooded with Barbie. Many may say that is childish, and I normally have no opposition to Barbie. The article reads that they have made Barbie more diverse. She is taller, shorter, different colors, and God knows heavier because there is no way she is getting skinnier. I am glad that over the past few years diversity has been pushed for, but as an avid Barbie consumer this is ridiculous. In my childhood i owned the dream house, the jeep, the plane, and my mother said she once counted how many I had and it was roughly 300. My demographic is caucasian, over weight, and brunette. Barbie looks nothing like me. I look more like a cabbage patch kid that was caught on fire, but I was never inclined to look like Barbie. The reason there has been a push for diversity in Barbie's looks is because parents believe that Barbie will give their children unrealistic expectations on body image. To those people I say stop being so damn sensitive. Barbie is an iconic image like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, and no one ever asked them to change because their looks were unobtainable and little girls were struggling with self image. I never threw up to look like Barbie or beg for blonde hair. Instead of these parents complaining about how Barbie doesn't look realistic maybe they should take a look at all of the Disney princesses. On top of that instead of trying to change everything, I suggest to you to teach your daughter or son the difference between reality and make believe. All of the children I grew up with never had a problem growing up because they didn't look like their childhood toy, and yours shouldn't either.

Money Can Buy Happiness

Hi I'm Amanda and I'm a shopaholic.
 Shortly after returning to college from winter break, I had an abrupt epiphany. If life gives you lemons. make lemonade. After making the sugared drink, open a lemonade-stand and take the money and go buy a watermelon. They are the superior fruit. To me this meant that money is a primary component in happiness. This realization occurred because I did not work over break so my funds were insufficient. Fortunately, my bank account still looked better than the US's economy. Not including all of the Christmas present I bought over beak, I went crazy with the after Christmas sales. With no deposits entering my account I saw my earnings plummeting. With in the first couple weeks of being on campus I have gotten a new tattoo, brought my mom a Birthday present for her Birthday in 6 months, and oh so much online shopping. I feel excitement and relief with every transaction. I noticed I shopped as a relaxation method, and the less money I have the lower self-esteem I have. I am aware many people say money can't buy happiness. They are wrong. Yes it can.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bath and Body Death

Death is like finishing off your favorite perfume. The comparison is absolutely crazy, but it is a drastic way to cope this the concept of death. Death is inevitable. Do you know what else is inevitable? One getting down the the last drop of their best perfume. If not for death there would be no new life. If their way new life, we would be struck with over-population issues. If you don't finish off perfume before buying new ones, eventually your vanity will be unsustainable and filled with a mixture of plastic and glass bottles and vials. Unfortunately with humans we can not just off them if we have too many. In that case, there would be a struggle for clean water and food. The lack of these bare necessities would end up with death. This means each death opens room for new light. Similarly you will be initially sad that you finished your favorite, but now you get to by a new one. Obviously more grieving will be involved with the loss of a person, but in the end we must all except that they lived a full life and better the world for the next generations to come. Side note I really enjoy the pumpkin spice latte body mist from Bath and Body Works.

L is for the way you give me food

What does it mean when I say love?
What is love? Baby don't hurt me... What does love mean? Love to me is a warm radiating feeling that gives me overwhelming joy. Unfortunately it doesn't rein true for everyone. Love is a feeling in which you interpret for yourself. Does it mean that I knew you were trouble when you walked in or that I will be loving you till we're 70? In either of those cases that is worry-sum. In this day and age people tend to live longer than 70, so Ed Sheeran does it just end then? T-Swift you are known for you love songs. Well more or less you are known for your break up songs, but does love mean dating attractive famous people and ending off badly with them for your next album? Many people think love is safety or the feeling of togetherness, but when I say love it means I will unconditionally care for one who has shown me that they are worthy. My favorite quote is from the Moulin Rouge, "The greatest gift you can learn in life is to love and be loved in return."

A will is a dead giveaway

What is normal? Is it right to still love those who are with us physically, but not mentally? When is it time to let go? What is the normal way to grieve? What defines normal? This morning I opening the recreation center, and upon completing my assigned tasks i receive a phone call at 6am from my mother. I thought nothing of it since she is an early-bird anyways. I answered semi-groggy whipping the crust out of my eyes. She told me that my Grandma had pasted away at 2am this morning, but she didn't want to wake me. I apologized to her and my father and told them I love them. Once the line went dead tears swelled up in my eyes, and I called my close friend to come comfort me at work. I have never heard my Dad cry before which crushed me. Kyana showed up at work with a coffee to comfort me, but with in the time I called her and her five minute walk my eyes dried up. It wasn't that my heart wasn't still broken, but I don't know how to handle my emotions. I tend to cover up my excruciating sadness with crude humor. This has lasted me all day. Now I ask, what is normal? What is the normal way to grieve without inappropriate humor? People use the word normal to describe a common trend, but how do you go about your life being normal? I knew Cecelia Heimdal was dying for months now. The mix of Alzheimer, Sepsis, and pressure ulcers got the best of that little polish lady. She used to smell of moth balls and watch Church on the hell-ivision every Sunday. If i saw this coming why does it hurt so bad? Even though she had lost her mind years ago and constantly called me by the wrong name and repeated stories from the great depression. How could crying be normal? Does water spewing from your eyes really make people feel better? Does it comfort the lost of a long and wholesome life? If so, I am not normal.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A fishy situation

Some may say I'm obsessive, but I believe I am a collector. Not to be confused with a horder, I enjoy to acquire things of value. I move between things at a dangerous pace. Whether it is a DVD collection or comic books, my collections erratically grow and shrink like Bill Cosby, if you know what I mean. My most recent interest has been in living things. Similar to Cosby, they come into my home without consent. Please don't freak out. They are fish. I started with one Beta fish that I put in a traditional tank with Spongebob's pineapple as decoration. I named him Kenudo after a one-star animation I saw on Netflix. No. Not Anime. I found this fish so intriguing that the next I happening to be at a shopping center, I left with another fish. His name is Mathis. Eventually this lead to me wanting to mate fish for God knows what reason. This desire ended me up with Punchkee. Yes. Just like the Polish pastry. I have yet to breed them, but lets hope I don't find something else to collect.

A Shopaholic with a lack of cash.

You won't regret these terrible puns

I regret. I regret many of things. The real question is who doesn't? People don't realize that even though words aren't tangible, they are still permanent. Permanence is what I lost through my words, and through and through I regret. I regret not telling you how much you meant to me. I regret not thanking you more. I regret never saying what was on my mind, but what I regret the most is what I did say. You are not a bad friend. You never were. Now you are gone. Not dead, but gone. I am dead. Dead to you. What would I have said? Sorry? No. I love you. Yes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Devils Lettuce

What I learned today...
Like everyday I learned things in many different categories. While roaming the hallways and sitting in class many blurbs of information have wandered past me. In psychology we focused on the scientific method and how there are new experimental depression drugs that are administered through nasal spray. Then while I was eating my grilled cheese sandwich with mayo I over heard kids talking about the price of "the devil's lettuce." Who knew that's what they called weed now-a-days. I also learned that eBay ships quickly, because i received the Barbie movies I ordered on Saturday. Let the knowledge flow.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

This was mandatory

What are our responsibilities to each other when we blog? Do we have responsibilities to others when we communicate?

Blogging is a way of expressing yourself and ideas to others. It is important to make one's writings a two way form of communication. If communication was never in existence then we about lack collaboration and therefore progress. One's responsibly to readers is to convey a message that will give the recipients an opportunity to reply. Through out this process a community can share ideas and express themselves to change minds and possibly create something more. While communication it is important to get your point across, yet leave your mind open. Communication may be one way in one's inner thoughts; however, it is a way to relay ideas, thoughts and emotions between one another. It is the sender of the messages job to give clarity and when one receives feedback to listen. To me, communication is meant for independent minds to be able to hold their own opinions while being in contact with someone with the opposite views. That does not mean to be stubborn and never change one's mind. The idea focuses on understanding both sides of a story to add more insight to your thoughts or opinions.