Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explanatory Synthesis Notes

For the upcoming essay I will be composing a piece about how to spot bias in the media. The reason I find this topic so engaging now is because of the up coming elections. I know many people who base their opinions on things they read, because they think they are researching. What they do not know is everything they are reading is filled with bias. In every article on social media, the topics and ideas are meant to get your attention, and possibly sway you to vote for that authors favorite candidate. One of the easiest ways now-a-days to get your opinion across is making a meme and trying to make it go viral. For those who do not know what a meme is, it is the same thing as a political cartoon, but it is not always about politics. Below I have placed a meme/political cartoon I plan on analyzing in my essay.
As you can see this cartoon is a part of an anti-Trump campaign. For those who not recognize what this picture is from, it is from the TV series Game of Thrones. If i were to add my bias in, I would say it's one of the greatest shows on television. In Game of Thrones, there is a giant ice wall that separates the humans from the white walkers (frozen zombies). It is sort of like Elsa meets The Walking Dead. The idea that this cartoon is making fun of is that Donald Trump wants Mexico to pay to build a wall between there and the U.S. This is how he plans on taking care of the illegal immigrant problem. The picture is comparing that absurdity to the greatest TV show of all time. Obviously the creator of the cartoon is not a supporter of this idea. I plan on using this is my paper by put this in the section where I describe where political bias can be found. I could easily say everywhere, but for meet the requirements of the word count I will be generous with my words. I plan on showing this picture while also referring to internet memes that "break the internet" or go viral. This has become an issue, because when I look at this picture I look at it with humor and an apolitical view. If i were to share this my 200 and something friends would see it and if they shared it their friends would see it too. Some people would see this as Trump bashing and not like him, because they see that others don't. This is similar to the Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton meme which make Bernie favorable to the young generation while making Hillary look like a square. There are numerous views that are floating around on the internet, and I hope to show that these are opinons not facts, even if Trumps hair actually looks like that.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Pet peeves of the average college student.

Dear fellow college students and professors,
We all grew up seeing what college was like in the movies, and perhaps we were slightly misinformed. My college experience has been nothing in comparison to American pie it has been more like High School Muscial. This is because I sing in the shower when no one is around, so here are my 20 biggest pet peeves being a freshman at a small university:
1. That one kid in class that never has to study to get a 100%. Thanks AP classes for nothing!
2. That same kid always questioning your study methods. You know who you are.
3. Also studying for hours and getting a worse threads then that person. Oh yeah. We all know that person. If you are that person, run.
4. That onet creepy professor that always laughs at his own jokes. Yes, the one whose cats understand him.
5. The food.
6. Being that person who always goes home, and when you choose to stay everyone leaves. Either you have bad luck, or everyone hates you. They hate you.
7. When professors believe that their class is the only one you have. Don't be one of those.
8. Teachers that give you an assignment at the end of their class period, and then make it due that evening. Professors listen here. We have band practice, work, football, dying grandma's, and annoying boyfriends. Please take our schedules into consideration
9. Those weird kids that don't wear shoes. Oh wait that's just Lewis University.
10. When the party on the floor below you goes well into the night and cuts into your homework time. What was that? Oh that was my iPod? Crap I forgot again I go to a Catholic school. No parties.
11. That girl on your floor who is always partying, and it seems to only affect everyone else around them.
12. That same girl who is always late to class and gets no consequences.
13. That person who songs way loud to in the shower. Oh wait that's me.
14. Hereing the person in the room across from you, have a crazy praying session with her bed creaking. There is no other reason to be telling "Oh my God" so loud in a Catholic college.
15. Those who bring their inappropriate humlr from highschool and force others into uncomfortable situations where they are forced to laugh. Like what's the difference between a Jew and a pizza...
16. Over protective parents that are constantly sending you money and care packages. Ha. Score. My parents are awesome!
17. That annoying chick with parents that spoil her.
18. That person who neflixs all day with her computer blaring orange is the new black
19. That girl who thinks she is everyone's mother away from home. One mom is enough. You're just an awful, annoying sheltered child.
20. The worst of all.... Theater majors....

Living in a golden age without knowing it

Racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia are all terms that are widely thrown around in the media currently. With how many isms and phobias are currently causing problems, I'm surprised people are rioting.... Oh wait they are. The reason this topic is on my mind is because earlier today while scrolling through Facebook, I noticed my friends aunt posted that the month of March is national stop blaming white people month. A ton of people took offfense to this. You can call me racist all you want but I agree. Not with the month dedicated to white people, but we can't keep blaming white people for everything. We also shouldn't have a whole month dedicated to American American history. As long as we keep defining ourselves as a certain color, we will all be making it about, "is it because I'm black?" For those who say that, please stop you make yourself look uneducated. Would you ask that question to that person of they weren't white? No? Then you're the one making the conversation about race. As much that is wrong with the minlenial generation, we have a great opportunity here. We were not born in a time of hate. Sure our old racist uncle Rick may occasionally drop and n bomb, but we were not bread to hate. Our schools are integrated and our favorite pop stars are gay. All types share all opportunities now. Instead of constantly blaming other races, we must set an example for younger generations. Instead of being the technology and selfie orientated generation we are being branded as now, why don't we stop this? Why don't we promote love and compassion instead of focusing on who has relatives that were slaves, concentration camp victims, or a victim of harassment? Remember them and learn from their generations mistakes. Now I will take my flower crown off and step off my soap box. EVERYONE have a nice day.

A message to those who hurt me and those I have hurt in return

As a happy-go-lucky child, I really believed that everyone was on my side and that the world worked on my favor. Boy was I wrong. Even more wrong than the conspiracy theorists who say Bush did 9/11. I would talk to anyone without a second thought, I'm serious. I don't believe I ever grasped the idea of stranger danger. I was never taken away in a white van, so that's good. My mediocracy finally helped me achieve something! I was to homely to be abducted and sold into a prostitution ring. Score! I never knew kids made fun of me. My child like bliss was only concerned with webkinz and Barbie's. I was always picked last for sports, and I always thought that's because people saved the best for last. What was truly holding me back was my optimism. I had no other way of  thinking. My parents never really thought it was bad, so in turn it was out of sight out of mind. I was made fun of everything from my weight to my voice. I mean come on I don't sound like a coke fiend on helium, so what is that bad with my voice? Deep? Yeah well you all like Morgan Freeman, so ha. Me-1 Them-0. People made fun of me for so long I began to believe everything they were saying. I had little to no self-esteem, but I was as stubborn as mule so I never changed myself. What changed was my view on everything. I was so angry, and this made me push the only people who were nice to me away. Years later I still don't think very much of myself, but I have something to say to those who hurt me and those I hurt from build up and impenetrable wall. I'm sorry. To those who hurt me, I'm sorry you never got to be my friend. I am pretty awesome and funny, but you will never get to know that, because of you I can't let people in. To those i hurt, I'm sorry. I just want you to know that you are the best kind of person. I found myself treating others the way I was treated. Wow, the golden rule, the only thing that I have ever needed outside of school. If someone is unhappy and pessimistic, don't assume that they are bad, wonder who/what did that to them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explaining Open Adoption

Many people have heard of what adoption is, but not all have experience in it. The minute I was born I was removed from the arms of my birth mother and given to  a new family. I was one of the first open adoptions to occur in the Chicago land area. It is where you no longer live with the family that gave birth to you, but you know who they are and you  can choose to keep in contact with them. The process is long and hard, and it is extremely difficult to adopt within the US. Most families looking to adopt most outsource to a different country. In this case, my countries will only give away babies with disabilities. My family was fortunate enough to find a young mother through their primary physician. She was 18 and unable to support the child she already had. My current parents aided her through rent and medical bills. Throughout the process she could have said no and chose to keep me and my parents would have lost all the time and money the invested to have a child of their own. She nearly changed her mind on the day of my birth, but she made the right decision and gave me to a loving family who had all of the means to take care of me. For the first 4 or 5 years of my life we stayed in contact with her and got to she her grow as I did, We saw her get married and have another child, but the idea of not having me to her own was holding her back. We lost contact with her and we all moved on with our lives. One thing I have that not many adopted children have is the piece of mind to know who she is and once was. Once the open adoption act was first past right before this process my parents went through, my parent already had tickets to go to Romania. This new law was such a big deal that between 1997-8 Hilary Clinton payed a visit to Chicago to see my mom, and she how this new plan was in progress. One last and very important thing to know about children who are adopted, just because someone gave birth to you does not mean their your mom and dad, those who raise you truly earn that title.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Back in the day

Often times people describe their past as the good ole days, and my theory is that everyone remembers their childhood and youth as simplistic.  A time better than now to me would be when I was between 6-12. I was old enough to think; however, ignorance was truly bliss. I was a very happy-go-lucky child. I believed that everyone was nice, and that everyone was like and thought like me. It was a beautiful period where life never gave me lemons and I would be randomly struck with inexplicable bliss. This was before I knew people were mean, and before I knew they didn't like me. It was a time where I was happy with what was ever put in front of me and when my biggest worry was remembering what outfit went with each of my 300 Barbies.I am not saying I do not like the present, or that my life is complicated now, but the bliss is gone. Reason and logic take over and it cages your mind which makes you slowly lose you sense of wonder. I do still find happiness in different things but not ones as simple as the sun rising. For now, my happiness resides in success, accomplishments, and the choice of love. I miss feeling utter joy when waking up instead of wanting to tie my alarm clock to a bed of nails and drive over rows of speed bumps. I crave the creativity I once had of making terrible clay figures instead of smirking when gas is affordable and ink is cheap. We rushed growing up. Society rushed us. They pushed us to want what we couldn't have. I wanted to drive a car, see R-rated movies, and have sleep overs with guys. I want to be young again I want to be ignorant. I want to be blissful. 


The minlenials are both cursed and blessed with technology. Kids in this day and age are given technology straight out of the womb. This is not an exaggeration. It is a sincere right of passage into this world. They minute an infant leaves they hospital their are showered with  gifts. Happy day after birth here is your blanket, pacifier 1000, and and let's not forget their iPhone 6s. I got my first cell phone my freshman year of high school. It looked like a drug dealers burner cell. Now kids know how to play Temple Run before they can read. You positive affect technology has had on my generation besides people lacking social skills is people lacking social skills in online dating. Instead of a poem and roses, swiping right means they love you. I'm so negative about technology and online dating their is no way in hell I would be on websites such as Tinder, MeetMe, and OkayCupid. #JK I'm a millennial of course I have had all of them. Surprise, I met my long term boyfriend on line. It is  crazy how they match people on some of these sites! Oh my Jesus! You watch Orange is the New Black and he just got out of jail for possession on cocaine. Do I hear wedding bells? I hope when minlenials become parents they don't start naming their kids with hashtags and emojis, but all I have to say to this is #progress.

The idea of love

My friend recently asked me if love was a choice or a feeling. She got this question from a social experiment where students were asked the same question. They all claimed that it was a feeling. Their teacher then had them talk to people married and once married, and this changed their opinions. Each person said that in all relationships the feeling of love disappears,  and wither it works out or not is up to you. Those who ended up staying married said that what made their relationship last is the fact that they chose to keep looking for things to love even when the initial feeling escaped them. The students final response is that love is a choice. After my friend read me this article I began thinking about what I believed love was. I was waiting for a job interview and their was a giant bulletin board that said love is ____. People had to fill out their anwser in a heart and post it to the board. This is where I made me decision. Love is a philosophy. It is a choice and a feeling. Love is something to accomplish over a life time. You ultimately achieve love once you can truly open your heart to someone. It can be many people, but it must be achieved through maturity and time.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Horny Avocado

In light of the Chipotle crisis, I have finally figured out their scheme. So in my sleeplessness I decided to do what any bored teen would do and scroll down my timeline. After a few minutes of scrolling I found an article that listed 7 foods that get you in the mood. Near the top was avocado, and all I could think in my head was... That's why everyone loves Chipotle. It all makes sense now. Chipotle simply attracts horny teenagers and that's why guac is extra! Who would have though? Maybe this is why all of my friends always get laid! Buzz feed articles always make me laugh, because almost anything thing someone reads on the internet might not be credible. The most embarrassing time I have ever feel victim to the internets satire like ways was when I read an article of how the governor of Texas wanted to behead gays. I was like, "OH MY GOD NO NOT ELLEN!" I brought this to the attention of my Junior year history teacher when he was inquiring about current events. HIs jaw dropped. He walked me out to the hallway and made me pull up my source. It was the Onion. He read the same thing the day before. I never raised my hand again in American Studies.

Sound effects or the lack there of

I have always wondered when scary movies are based in the fall, why don't we ever hear the killer approaching? With at the crisp leaves on the ground a silent arropach seems improbable, because every time I walk outside it's like walking on bubble wrap. 
Instead of the Michael Myers theme song I just think "crunch crunch crunch"
Also in the spirit of how cold it is, I have been contemplating the phrase "brrrr." People often use it to describe how cold they are. I often find that my teeth chatter and i complain a lot when I'm cold, but not once have I ever said BRRRR. So while I was walking from work to my dorm, I brrrrr'ed for five minutes and felt like an idiot.
I know this is extremely random; however, in different languages people make animal noises differently. Since cats are a superior animal, these are Meows across the globe:

  • miav
  • miauw
  • nyan
  • mjan
That's not terrible but chicken sounds are absolutely hilarious:
  • tok tok
  • cluck cluck
  • kot kot
  • gut gut gdak (Of course this is from Turkey. They are obviously bias about their flightless friends)   
I am not being an insensitive asshole, but if i heard a chicken say gut gut gdak I would most likely cry.
I have just recently found an interest in sound effects and the lack there of and I just wanted to share my thoughts with the world. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Overall review of Pixaleted Body Image

I was very please with how this piece turned out. I love being able to be create while getting my point across. I did struggle making this paper about myself and not more like a research paper, but I hope my final copy would suffice. On the fist day of College writing 2, my professor told me that many writers are never happy, because they believe that their piece is never complete. I would like to write more on my topic and improve, because I feel very strong about how social media changes our idea of what normal is. I really did enjoy playing with topics that weren't related to prove my point. I used Kim Kardashian's picture with a champagne glass on her butt, tampon commercials, and pornography. They all came together in the end to show that social media promotes individuality, but forces conformity. They weren't all completely different if we talk about Kim's sex tape. I really was a dorky misfit in high school, and I saw all of the people around me being generally effected by what they saw on social media. I hope the audience of my paper can realize that it is normal to be different. You will never be the same as someone else, and people will adore you for your differences not your similarities. People don't love Kim Kardashian because she is the same as everyone else. They love her because her life is strange and intriguing. Not everyone lives in a mansion, has their own TV show, and names their baby girl North. THAT WAS STUPID THOUGH. I condemn her for that. She will probably go about life and screw up that child, but at least she is unique. The most important thing i hope someone can take from my essay I posted below is be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.
Pixelated Body Image
My High School experience was nowhere near High School Musical. I did not get to sing and dance on a table which was a real bummer. I actually got a detention for that. I could only wish that the Glenbard North Panther’s anthem was We’re All in This Together as opposed to Uptown Funk you all. Similar to the movies, cliques were extremely prevalent. If High School was like Lion King I would have been at the bottom of the food chain, or if Glenbard was the Jungle Book, looks wise, I only made it by with the Bare Necessities. Every day I dreaded going to school and I prayed that the want-to-be Plastics from Mean Girls had gotten hit by a bus so the tormenting would stop. My peers treated me like Carrie in the prom scene, yes the part with the blood, begging me to be normal. By normal they meant stop dressing like a 60ies movie and singing and dancing in the hallways without a care. What can I say? I loved Grease. They insisted for me to Stick to the Status Quo, but I didn’t want to be cool or follow their simple rules. Unfortunately for them I would not Let it Go, and I channeled my inner-weirdness through being in film club where we would analyze movies and social media. Forgive me for my relentless movie puns. I stayed an awkward chunky misfit throughout my High School career, and this inspired me to search for what normal is. Normal is that everyone is different. Fat, skinny, ugly and beautiful are all descriptive words that people are defined as. No two people are completely alike. Though our society promotes people to be individuals, social media is also pressuring us to conform to their idea of normal through pornography, commercials, and Kim Kardashian.
 All of the bullying and name calling from the four treacherous years of standardized everything lead me to the question, what does normal mean? To others, normal is being a combination of what you see on social media and on television. In reality, normal is an adjective that describes what the majority is doing or interested in. Our society’s misconception of the idea of what normal is has proven to be detrimental to people’s self-esteem across the globe. Whither it is seeing Kim Kardashians large rear on one’s twitter, the internet setting unreachable standards through the porn industry, or tampons we are hurting because of our expectations towards ourselves and others.
            A recent topic of controversy is banning pornography. It brings unrealistic expectations to the bed room and could potentially lead to violence depending on what sort of stuff someone may fancy. The blame cannot all fall on the porn industry, because some people are influenced too easily to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Not everyone wants chains whips in the bedroom. Thank you Christian Gray. The internet is available to whoever has a computer or smart phone. Women’s activist who realized this issue, Kaitlin Cottle and Gayle Tyree, believe, “When trying to understand or even define pornography, one thing is certain: it is misinforming us. Our socialized expectations for both beauty and sex are being dictated by pornography’s extremely limited perspective on what it means to be “sexy.” This shows that we are letting explicate porn decide what normal sex should look like. In some cases it has been noted that the excessive use of porn can lead to impotence. If everyone believes what they saw on a screen I would be a virgin for life. My parents would thoroughly enjoy this. Those who watch it religiously gain unrealistic expectations, therefore there is disappointment in the bed room and morphing what normal intercourse should be.
When you are a teenager and young adult you are at a tender age when you decide what you want in life. This is a critical period were events can shape how you view things for the rest of your life, and the last thing someone needs is to be forced into uncomfortable sexual situations. I grew up in an extremely catholic house. I have been told to save sex for marriage before I even knew what sex was. Believe me I was one of the last people to know. I was adopted and thoroughly believed that babies were hatched in jars in the Museum of Science and Industry. Let’s just say Babies in Bottles was a very misleading exhibit. Even while one is growing into their sexual maturity the simplest things are sexualized. The biggest example is tampons. It is bad enough that girls are supposed to bleed once a months and pretend we don’t mind it, but advertising agencies try to sell their product by making tampons look fun and sexy with models. Yay, bloody cotton. I would be way more likely to buy their product if it was a sick lethargic girl telling us to prepare for shark week. This makes me feel like they have to be playful and sexy while on their period as opposed to reeving chainsaws and burning down stuff. News flash, not everyone is a manically happy model on their periods, has the rockin’ bod of Chris Hemsworth, or the astounding curvature of Kim Kardashian (yes, we all saw your sex tape), so why do we let them define normal?
Similar to Kim Kardashian’s bodacious booty, a majority of the US has curves. The more popular curves are like the one’s I have. My curves are more like Rebel Wilson and Johanna Hill’s muffin tops had a baby. My self-loathing and low self-esteem branch out from the modern standard of beauty. We all fall victim to tweets, likes, and follows. The social media pages who maintain the most fan base are beautiful actors, models and other famous people. Those are the people who also tend to post the most. Speaking of posting last week I got ten likes on a picture of my sister’s first ultrasound, while Kim Kardashian nearly broke the internet on a picture, taken by Jean Paul Goude, of her balancing a wine glass on her beautiful behind.
kim kardashian champagne glass butt paper magazine Learn Kim Kardashian's secret to balancing a champagne glass on your butt
Kim Kardashian shows off her unique curves by balancing a champagne glass on the behind. (Fig. 1 Bentley)

 I’m not jealous, well maybe just a little. This picture was undeniably photo-shopped. It shows Kim in a tight sequence dress popping open a bottle of champagne. The champagne is flowing over head into a wine glass conveniently placed on her butt. Don’t you hate when that happens? This shows that unnatural beauty is emphasize in our society. People strive to look like their favorite actors in models, but little do they know their natural looks will never be enough. We live in a day and age where we know that pictures and magazine covers are photo shopped and air-brushed, and we do not try to change it. Instead we except this as a normal social standard, and try to deform out bodies to achieve the unrealistic. Lets face it, Kim “doesn’t” have butt implants, and no matter how many squats the average person does they will never achieve what she has.
My chest and butt are flat. My stomach in round. I hate wearing heels, and I have no idea how to do smoky eye. I’d rather watch things with zombies than get my nails done, and I do not care what others think about me. I have never felt as hateful toward myself as I did in freshman year English. The popular group’s mockery rang in my ears like the seagulls from Nemo going MINE. Their snarky comments and inquiry about my friend with mild autism sent me over the edge. Just because he was “weird.” One minute I was in my desk and the next all of them were on the floor. The captain of the hockey team looked at me and with the same ego driven mockery he displayed toward my friend he told me, “Maybe if you could lose some weight and talk less you can hang with us.” I left the room with my companion and never looked back, except for everyday when I had to go to English. I had an epiphany that none of these people would ever be truly happy with themselves in their constant pursuit of normal. Alex and I left period 5 content, for we had found normal by standing out and standing up.
I am normal, and so are you as the reader. It is a part of our society to make us feel different or not up to par. As a young women it is nearly impossible for me to not compare myself to Kim Kardashian and porn stars. These people we see as role models of beauty are a minority. They are normal too. People should not think S&M is normal or that thigh gaps are necessary. We are not weird, and neither are these celebrities with scientifically questionable bodies. Everyone is different, and different is normal. We are simply trying to stay sane in a world with insane expectations.
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Peer Review

I have never been a fan of peer reviews. I don't handle criticism well. I personally like to believe that I am perfect, and you should to. This week I have been exposed to a new way a peer reviewing. We are given a list of questions to answer about other's papers. It is an interesting concept; however, I'm not sure if I am completely on bored with the idea. I prefer having a hard copy, and running through them making correction with grammar and suggestions while my attention is on a specific part. The questions we are given are about the over arching topic and the effectiveness of how it is delivered. The critiques my peer reviewers have given me are all positive, but that doesn't let me know what I should fix. I would prefer critiques to tell me what I am doing wrong. I am not sure if I can get improvements from how this is set up. If I were to change the way peer revisions were set up, I would make partners and have them grade each other's papers. First they would go over grammatical errors and then I would answer the questions. Instead of trying to revise two or three paragraphs with minimal comments, I would have students work one on one to give as much advice in a class period.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

O is for overprotective parents

I Wumbo. You Wumbo. He, She, We Wumbo. We all have that childhood show that we still fan girl about. F is for friends who do stuff together. U is for you and me who both religiously watched spongebob. N is for anywhere and anytime at all, except for when you had over protective parents. My parents thought that Spongebob was a bad influence, along with Ed, Ed and Eddie because they used the word stupid. I remember my mother taking me to see Sex in the City with her, and everytime Samantha came on the screen she would cover my eyes. One thing my parents have never understood is protective parents make sneaky children. This is a parenting tip: DO NOT keep a tight leash on your kids, or they will end up like me. Yes my grades are great, I have a job, and I was in many clubs, but I am sneaky. After hearing no my whole life I began to rebel in High School, but not with cheap color hair dye or black clothing. No meant find a different way. I perfected lying and sneaking out. To conclude, I now have a Spongebob tattoo on my ankle. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Lights, Camera, Murder

I believe the type of movies people watch define their personalities. For example, my boyfriend likes anime, so he's really damn weird. I am just kidding. For those who judge people for watching anime, it is asian cartoons. You like spongebob? You might like anime. Anyways, people always tell me that my movie collection is random. They think it is funny that I have a jumble of Disney, Barbie, and Scary movies. To explain this strange phenomenon I tell people that it actually describes my personality. The reason I fan girl over scary movies isn't because I am deranged or want to kill people myself, but because I enjoy watching movies where I am better off than people. I don't have a superiority complex, but as opposed to watching romance movies and envying their life, I feel content knowing no one is trying to kill me. With the Disney movies I just enjoy fantasy, and it makes me want to escape my reality. Movies are my life. I am a Disney princess.

Who's Pearl Harbor?

Ignorance is bread. No not the delicious carb, but ignorance and bigotry is born through a lack of education. There are multiple accounts in my years of standardized everything where I couldn't believe how incredibly stupid some people are. The first account was when I was is seventh grade. I was sitting in english, and one of the cheerleaders raises her hands and in a ridiculously serious voice asks, "Who's Pearl Harbor? If that wasn't enough for me to lose faith in humanity the next will be shocking. In my Sophomore year in High School my class was in the process of reading Macbeth. For those who do not know Shakespeare writes how Yoda talks. Not order in words he puts. We were having a class inquiry when my teacher asks us how is it possible to kill Macbeth if the prophesized killer could not be from a mother's womb, The question was up in the air for the whole class to answer. One kid said it could possibly be an alien. I gave it a thought, but when has Shakespear ever written about aliens? Then next kid said animal. That kid was an idiot. I didn't think it could get any worse until from the back of the room I hear someone say, "Were they adopted?" I am adopted. My response is said to be priceless. I stood up and yell, "You're right. We're hatched in jars." I disagree with the statement, "There are no dumb questions." There are, and that is one. I will never be surprised what comes out of another humans mouth again.