Monday, April 11, 2016

Dear Baby,

Dear Baby,
Hi it's your aunt, and I know you're not born yet, but we are all impatiently waiting. I want you to always feel loved. You already are. At the party where your parents were going to reveal wither you were a boy or a girl, the minute your mom cut the cake and saw pink frosting she cried tears of joy.
So, Dear Sofia, Olivia, or Mackenzie,
You are loved and you are worthy to be loved. I want you to know that, because we only accept the love we think we deserve. You deserve the world. You don't know this but when you are born into the world you are born with no obligations and filled with innocence. No one can take that innocence away from you. No one decides your path but you. You may be born into a certain family with certain beliefs but no matter where you start in life it doesn't matter, because it matters where you end. You get to choose where you end up in life. It is your decision and no one can take that away from you. Fat, skinny, rich, poor, tall, short, fun, serious you are you and for that the world will love you. If it doesn't except you with open arms, open its arms for them. You are a gift. Not every gift is expensive or nicely wrapped and topped with a bow, but they are surprises. Your wrapping may fool people but it is the content and thought that matters. Be what you want and except yourself, because you can have a million friends and please everyone, but until you go your own way you won't be whole. Though we all start off coming out of our mommies bellies, where you end up is where you decide.

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