Monday, April 25, 2016

The Twin Bed

I am not quite sure why the twin bed is called what it is. Twins are two identical people, so why is it so damn difficult to fit two people on a twin bed comfortably? I rarely get to see my boyfriend, due to our conflicting schedules and how life always gets in the way, so in order to reconnect he started spending the night in my dorm. He always drives me back to school on Sunday night, and we grab something to eat and normally watch a movie. Twin beds are great when it is to people trying to watch a movie, but if both of you plan on sleeping it will be a fight to the death.
Dear Boys and Men,
Girls do like to spoon, but that is not the optimal position to sleep in. It is like being suffocated. If you plan on marrying the girl that you are currently sleeping next to, girls like to sprawl out just as much as you do.
The Girl Friend of 2 years.
Last night was kind of sad, because we got back at the dorm so late that all we had time for was running through my note cards as opposed to watching Beauty and the Beast and drinking Mondo (That delicious juice every nineties kids has drank with the twist of plastic piece). We ending up falling asleep by twelve thirty, but unfortunately I have the bladder of an old diabetic women. This results with me getting up at least once in the middle of the night to run down the hallway in my favorite t-shirt and panties hoping no one is awake to see me. Upon returning to my room, I found Matt taking up the whole bed. I ended up sleeping on the floor for another hour, but I had to make two more bathroom runs. Once I arrived from the third trip, I crawled into my bed and laid with my head near his feet and got little to no sleep with his leg spasms. When I woke up, I looked at my feet and I smiled seeing him all wrapped up in pink, purple and blue blankets. We looked like a yin-yang sign and it was perfect.

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