Monday, April 25, 2016

Morbid Humor

People like me suffer from being looked down upon by society for having inappropriate humor. I also get in trouble for laughing at terrible things that other people would mourn over. I regretfully admit that the Holocaust, 9/11, terminal illnesses, and psychiatric problems make me cry, with laughter. Luckily, science has been able to explain this phenomenon. People like me laugh at inappropriate things for the same reason they laugh when they are tickled. It is a response to stress or discomfort. Should I have laughing at my grandma's funeral when it was completely silent? Probably not. It seems insensitive to make jokes out of tragedies, but that is just the way I manage to stay happy in such an unfortunate world. So, while dinning at Maggianos in the streets of Wood Field with my boyfriend, the waiter gave us a little sales pitch as to way we should donate to the Make A Wish foundation. He handed us a slip with a picture of the girl they were supporting. It contained information such as her name and what cancer she had. The piece of paper was cut into the star. After our meal, we ended up donating five bucks and going on our merry way. After we were already an hour away on the high way, I noticed a star piece of paper chilling in my purse. We forgot to give them the star back. My boyfriend threw the star out of the car window and said now she is a shooting star. I never laughed so hard in my life. The moral of this story is I plan on going back to Maggianos this weekend so I can donate fifty dollars to wipe my hands of how horrible we are.

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