Monday, April 4, 2016

Technology is rude

I am 18 and I hate texting and phone calls. I use my phone for reading articles and homework. I am extremely tired of people asking me to teach them how to use their technology just because I am a teenager. Yes I am a teenager, and no I don't know how to work your apple TV or drone. My phone is flooded by text messages every hour. I only reply to those that matter or have to do with work. I may be the only person that thinks texting and calling is rude. I feel that when someone calls me out of the blue to have a conversation it is an invasion of my privacy. It is like someone barging into your room without knocking. When people call me I often find myself in the middle of homework, having a meal, or finally having time to myself after a long day of school. work, and homework. I try to please the caller by trying to complete my task and talk to them at the same time. I always get bombarded with requests such as, can you take me off speaker? No, I am using my hands to eat, do my hair, or type a blog post for class. Can you go somewhere more quite? No, I am at dinner and you just interrupted the conversation I had with the people I am actually with in real time. Can you hold on? No, you interrupted whatever I was doing so I can listen to silence? I don't think so. Please before you think about texting or calling me for leisure, think about what I am doing. If it is convenient for you, that's great, but I want to live in the hear and now. I don't want to hear my phone ring. I want to hear my doorbell ring.

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