Monday, April 11, 2016

South Hall

For years I have dreamed about going off to college and living on my own. I thought it would be like moving to New York from a small town, but in reality I moved from a small town to an even smaller town. On move in day, I learned a hard lesson. My dorm hall does not have elevators, and I am on the top floor. My room is a foot bigger than a jail cell, and I mean come on at least prisoners get their own toilet. The toilet paper is one ply. My room has a spider and wasp problem and it also has an annoying neighbor problem. To the north, it sounds like the song bang bang with Nikki, Jessy and Ari. To the east, the wind brings large whiffs of pot. To the east, an alarm clock that the chick listens to for four hours at a time. I have seen her leave her room with it going. The showers are too small to shave my anything. The rooms are either on fire or snowing. All I think I have ate all year it Stouffer's mac and cheese. My, frost bitten, hairy legged, mac and cheese bellied, sleep deprived self wouldn't ask for anything different. I have struggled this year with everything from grades to body image to my grandma's death but I wouldn't change a thing.

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