Monday, April 18, 2016

Move out day

Everyone has experienced one of those days where the universe hates them and everything that can go wrong does. It is like the universe is screaming YOU'RE ADOPTED, which I am, and the proceeds to rubs lemon juice and salt in all of the paper cuts it has inflicted on you. Yesterday was probably the most unfortunate day I have ever experienced in my entire life. I began with it being extremely hot and my friends air conditioning breaking while we were moving her out. It took three sweaty hours for us to finish packing. Since it was "nice" out, all 500 people that live in her building were running in and outside. She lived on the 12th floor, so we had to move princesses stuff to the elevator and to the car. I took many trips and about 15 minutes between us pressing the elevator button and getting into it. We developed a nice system where we would switch off who loaded the car and who went to grab more stuff. On one of the last trips I had to make with her stuff I arrived to her car with it being locked and she was not there. I sat down for a few minutes and when she returned with a bag I asked for the keys. Long story short she locked them in the car. We called a tow truck and the man opened the doors for us. As the car alarm frantically went off, we scoured the car for the key but had no luck. In the heat of the moment I closed the door and locked us out of the car again. The nice tow man opened it again and left. Thought the doors were open we still couldn't find the keys. We ended up having to call my boyfriend to go get the spare from her house and pick us up three hours away. 3 hours later when he arrived, we popped the trunk to finish packing and the keys fell out of the trunk. I refuse to tell Matt, because he bitched the whole way home about driving.

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