Monday, April 18, 2016

Rolling Skys

I recently experienced the best day of my life. No, it was not my wedding or the birth of a child. It was laying in the grass watching the clouds with my best friend. It was my friend's last day at U of I for extenuating circumstances. We wanted to make the best of it and celebrate the end of hell year for her, and of course we planned on partying until she could forget. However, this is not exactly how the day went. It actually started off with us going to a NEDA walk to show support for those with eating disorders. She is recently recovering from severe anorexia, and if I can understand how she feels I will do anything I can to support her. We walked around U of I's arboretum, and gazed at the beautiful budding flowers. The weather was even nicer than we expected, so that was a bonus countering the unfortunate fact that the walk was at 8am on a Saturday. When it ended, we ate a Chipotle and walked down Green Street. The whole day consisted of us sitting in a grave yard while playing White Chicks on Netflix watching the clouds go by. In a dorky way we actually talked about what abstract shapes and deformed animals we say in our fluffy white friends. I am normally a very restless pessimistic person, but my heart was open for once. I actually experience pure bliss. This was the first times I ever felt that I could stop worrying and that everything would be okay. The feeling was as how Buddah described Nirvana, with out bad. Even days after I get the feeling of joy knowing that I can be happy.

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