Monday, April 11, 2016


Mom. You may not always understand me and I may not always get you, but we share the same stubbornness.
Mom. You may nag at me for never having an inside voice, but I get the volume from you.
Mom. You may not appreciate my alternative taste in music, but when you were a kid that was the Beatles concert to your parents.
Mom. You my not like the colors I dye my hair, but you used to have mall bangs.
Mom. You may think my tattoos and piercings are an act of rebellion but you used to pull pranks on the nuns.
Mom. You may not appreciate how much I swear, but the N word is not okay to use about our waitress.
Mom. You may despise my sleeping habits, but you once had them and now they are dictated by menopause. (STOP BLAMING ME)
Mom. You may think I complain a lot. It's about you. I am you. For all of the things you have ever grounded me for it was because you have done them. Being a parent isn't just about raising children, it's about giving them a better life than what you have had. I know everything you do you do to help me, and you know everything I do I do to get a reaction out of you. So one day, you will be there sitting with me and watching me nag my kids for the same things you have about me, and the cycle will continue for centuries. I am my mom's daughter. I appreciate you, but I will never understand until it is my turn.
Lastly, Mom. Stop haggling me about my spending habits. You know I have seen your credit card bills.

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