Monday, April 4, 2016

What goes through my mind while being a front desk worker.

I am a recreation staff employee who is completely out of shape. The only shape I am is round. I sit around for 2 to 4 hours all the time waiting to swipe in vein and or self-conscious strutting into the rec center giving me attitude about always having to check into the gym. I enjoy being able to do my homework in between swiping cards, but I always hear drama and comments while working. Whither it is a girl with a stomach flat as can be saying she is fat or a fitness freak screaming FOCUS, I have heard it all. There is a guy who upon leaving always tells me to have a healthy day. No. no I will not. I will return to my dorm room, study more, and eat mac and cheese. No I do not care how many times you have been to the gym today and I have not, you still need to swipe in. Why is it that if I say anything more than "Hello, have a nice day." I am asked to repeat myself? Yes, I have resting bitch face. Please stop teasing me about service with a smile. If I am eating food, stop asking oh is that for me? You are more annoying than the people who see a retail item without a price on it and tell the employee, "Must be free." They already hate their job. Stop making it worse. I am fat not strong. Stop expecting me to re-rack your 50 pound weight. Lastly, if you are at a gym, don't complain about parking. If your life was so impairing by having to walk the extra 20 feet in the parking lot, maybe you really need to hit the treadmill instead of the weights.

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